Meaningful feedback is essential for successful adaptive learning

To boost human learning, AI must learn from humans. An editorial for the edtech company Taskbase.

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Why communicating science is more than just “translating”

Why science outreach and communicating scientific insights is so much more than merely presenting complex findings in a manner that is accessible to a lay audience.

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Animated explainer videos

Conceptualizing and co-creating a series of ten animated explanatory videos for the Jacobs Foundation's blog BOLD, in collaboration with researchers and creative partners.

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BOLD, Blog on Learning and Development

Selected blog posts and interviews on the Jacobs Foundation's blog BOLD, which I conceptualized and headed as editor-in-chief from 2016 to 2020.

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Science communication is no picnic

A number of developments call for science communicators who are not only equipped to communicate scientific findings in a coherent way and without oversimplifying, but who also…

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Pitfalls along the path of communicating science to a lay audience

Researchers may worry about several things before a collaboration starts. Are these concerns well-founded?

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The mantras of a science communicator

Science communication is ideally done in a team, and as the person commissioned with this task, I have often found myself caught between two worlds.

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