My background

I am a seasoned communication expert with over two decades of experience that spans from analysis to strategy and execution, and with a broad range of expertise from science communication to digital strategy, training and public speaking, as well as program management and development.

My LinkedIn profile provides a synopsis of my resume. If you are interested in the detailed version, please keep reading.

In 1998, I started to learn the craft of communication, media relations and marketing from the ground up (Switzerland Tourism). In 2000, I specialized in the digital aspects of communication and acquired the tools of project management (Credit Suisse). I started my first blog a few years later, at that time still in a personal and not a professional context. In addition to my full-time jobs, I also worked as a freelance journalist (Whitehot Magazine, Ensuite, Facts 2.0).

Subsequently, I took on more strategic roles: Between 2006 and 2011, I was responsible for communication and marketing at cultural institutions (Villa Sträuli, Moods jazz club) and launched a digital communication strategy at Moods with a strong focus on social media. In 2011, I moved to the agency start-up Blogwerk, where I advised clients such as Swisscom and Migros on corporate blogs and social media projects, while also managing blogs as an editor and giving courses on writing for digital media, including for the ETH.

However, communication is only one of the re-occurring themes in my CV. The other is program design – which is why I completed a Master of Advanced Studies in Culture Management in addition to a CAS PR Editor and other continuing education courses. Program design is something I had already done at Villa Sträuli. In 2013, I became program director at the “Karl der Grosse” cultural center, where I was responsible for transforming the space into a house of debate with various event formats and digital platforms. In my free time, I was involved in the spoken word event series Salonpalaver, which I initiated in 2010 together with the author Tanja Kummer, and brought to various cultural stages in the nine years that followed. A few years after its founding, I took over full program responsibility.

I have always been interested in activities such as presenting, teaching, consulting and coaching. And starting in 2010, I had the opportunity to contribute content and ideas at various universities (ZHAW, ZHdK, FHNW, MAZ, University of Zurich) for individual CAS (Course of Advanced Studies) modules, seminars, and lecture series. In fall and winter 2015/2016, I also supported the Literaturmuseum Strauhof and the think tank W.I.R.E. in developing new communication strategies as a freelancer.

Starting in March 2016, I was responsible for a new way of communicating content at the Jacobs Foundation. During a period of four years, I built the BOLD platform (Blog on Learning and Development), which today reaches 30,000 readers from all over the world  every month. BOLD communicates scientific insights in an easily accessible way and has around 250 authors – many of whom are researchers that I helped to formulate their contributions for a broad readership as editor-in-chief, and some of whom are science journalists.

Among other types of digital features, I also conceptualized a series of ten animated explanatory videos. These were produced in partnership with kurzgesagt, and starting in 2020, also with significant support from catta, and always in collaboration with a scientist. As part of my work for BOLD and the Jacobs Foundation, I also acted as an expert for science communication events and organized events that fostered dialogue between researchers and the public.

During my last six months at the Jacobs Foundation, I once again focused on program design and was co-leader of the “Learning Minds” program area and team before I decided in fall 2020 to dedicate myself entirely to (science) communication. From April 2021 to March 2022, I worked as a Senior Consultant for Bernet Relations, where I was responsible for mandates in the area of public health, among other things.

Today, I work as an independent science communication facilitator on a mandate basis. I am also Lead‚ Science Communication and Outreach (part-time position) at the Laboratory of Developmental Neuroscience, Jacobs Center for Productive Youth Development, University of Zurich. I am the founder, host and producer of the podcast SciComm Palaver.